Wedding Ring Workshops

Make your special day truly amazing by coming along to the Thomas School of Jewellery to make your own wedding rings. We have a fully trained, professional jeweller who will guide and support you through making your own, personal rings, ensuring attention to detail & finished to a professional standard, we cater for just one couple per session.
Each couple is required to attend a short consultation beforehand to discuss wedding ring design & materials.  

Dates: by appointment only
Time: 11am-4pm for a day or two evenings 6.30pm-9pm
Cost: £250 per couple (plus materials)

Book a free no obligation consultation now by contacting us on 0287 137 4549 or email

Make your own Wedding Rings - What could be more romantic?

Come as a couple & make each others rings, you will have the tutor’s undivided attention, because the class is just for one couple. At the end of the day your rings will be sent off to be hallmarked & have any engraving or stones added (extra costs may be involved). Your rings will then be presented to you in a lovely ring box all ready for your big day.
Upon booking, you will have an initial consultation where you can choose your ring style, shape & metal. There are a whole range of materials to choose from including silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and palladium (which is very similar to platinum). There is also a range of different shapes and finishes.
We will then order your materials & book your session slot. All you have to do is turn up & make a beautiful ring. We will even offer you a complementary bottle of bubbly for you to take home & celebrate with!
This truly is a wonderful chance to have a special keepsake that will last a lifetime - just like your partnership. The class is open to anyone & you don't need to have any previous experience.
This is a 1 day class but can also be taken over 2 evenings if desired.

The Making Process:

Your metal will arrive as either a length of wire or a strip of sheet metal which you will throughout the day turn into beautifully handcrafted, professional rings.
Here is how it's done...
1. Heat the metal using a blow torch - You will use the torch to heat up the metal, this process is called 'annealing' and it makes the metal easier to bend.
2. Shape the metal into a ring shape using a hammer and hand tools - here you will use your almighty strength to bend the metal around a steel rod to make it ring shaped.
3. Using a saw, you will cut the metal to size - you and your partner will sit at a professional jewellers bench and saw through the metal to make your rings the perfect size.
4. Solder the join together - using a torch you will solder the two ends of your ring together.
5. Clean-Up - here you dip the ring in a mild acid solution to remove any dirt and oxidisation from the soldering.
5. File the ring - back to the jewellery bench to file any extra bits of solder away and make the ring nice and tidy.
6. Shape the ring - you will then use the mallet to give a final shape to your ring
7. Polish the ring - last but not least you will use a specially designed polishing motor to give your rings a brilliant shine or if you prefer, a matte finish.
All that's left for you to do is walk down the aisle!


The price of this wedding ring class is £250 (inc. VAT) for both of you, which includes use of our studios for the day, a world-class jeweller to support and guide you through the process, hallmarking of your rings and a nice bottle of bubbly to take home with you. (Material costs not included.)
It is difficult to predict the cost of your materials as it depends on the size, weight, shape & metal of your ring - we will give you a quote price for your rings following your consultation.

Extra costs:
Extra charges will be applied for items such as stones (precious or semi-precious) & engraving. This is all done after the rings are made & we will always give you a quote and make sure you are happy with it before going ahead. Below is a rough guide to prices of popular extras;
Engraving:  (usually on the inside of the ring) - by machine: £2 per letter,
                                                                        - by hand: £3 per letter.
Stones: Stone prices fluctuate & can vary in carat, colour, clarity & cut.
Stone setting: There are different styles of stone setting, which we can show you the different styles. However a rough costing for a precious stone (Diamond) is approximately £30 per stone.


Booking your day couldn't be easier, simply contact us with dates you are available & we will book you in for your consultation & confirm the date for your making workshop.
Consultations last approximately 1 hour & it will be held in our studio, at a time that suits you & it gives you the chance to meet with David, your tutor,to discuss what you would like to make, the style & design of your rings etc. Any time throughout the process we will be able to answer any questions you may have, although if you would like to alter design/materials agreed in the consultation it needs to be confirmed at least one week before your class date to ensure that we have plenty of time to order in required materials.

If you have any questions about the pricing or booking process please call us on 0287 137 4549 or send us an email to